Frederick Arthur Bridgman, ‘Brittany Sunset’, 1873, Private Collection, NY

Illustrated, A History of American Tonalism, p. 109.

About Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Best known for his painted visions of exoticized North African scenes and people, Frederick Arthur Bridgman was considered among the leading Orientalist artists of his time. He made many trips to North Africa throughout the 1870s and 1880s, returning to his studio laden with sketches, traditional articles of clothing, crafts, and architectural fragments. Combining meticulous attention to detail and a naturalistic style with his own imaginative interpretations and fantasies, Bridgman painted a dreamy, lush, and significantly idealized East. He was also a formative landscape painter in the Tonalist tradition.

American, 1847-1928, Tuskegee, Alabama