Fredi Gertsch, ‘Online Baby’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Fredi Gertsch, ‘Online Baby’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Fredi Gertsch, ‘Online Baby’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Fredi Gertsch, ‘Online Baby’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse
Fredi Gertsch, ‘Online Baby’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse

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Born in Switzerland in 1952, Fredi Gertsch was a competitive swimmer, sports teacher, computer engineer - and the father of three boys. Unlike his kids, his sketches, goodnight stories and daydreams of the past have never grown up.

Today Gertsch trains his imagination in the studio, inventing new stories on canvas daily. He has no limits, but the common thread in his work is always the cow. His first major exhibition as a freelance artist was in Hamburg, Germany. Since then numerous cows, calves and bulls of the Swiss Emmental valley, where Fredi Gertsch has been living over 35 years, graze in the cool apartments of city dwellers and countryside homes in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.

“Lolita” from the pasture was adopted by an Indian family living in New York, and today she mischievously enjoys the view from a skyscraper in Brooklyn. “Fleurette” has made it into the Swiss Alps, and “sVoguLisi” flew to Texas, possibly wanting to visit with one of the much celebrated US cattle farms.

Gertsch says “Because of my worldwide collectors, my cattle are the happiest Emmentaler cows - hardly born, they stagger onto the biggest pastures in the world". His collectors all agree "It must be a kind person who paints such 'lovable cows ..."

This artwork is wired and ready to hang. The sides of the artwork are painted as a continuation of the front. It does not require framing. A certificate of authenticity is included.

2015 Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles
2015 Art International Zurich, Contemporary Art Fair, Switzerland
2014-15 Kunstwarenhaus, Zürich, Switzerland
2013-15 Bromer Art Collection, Roggwil, Switzerland
2013-15 Galerie Kuhle Bilder, Burgdorf, Switzerland
2014 Galerie Hadorn, Lichtensteig, Switzerland
Künstlermärit Langenthal, Switzerland
Galerie Am Lindenhof, Zürich, Switzerland
Kunstmarkt Zofingen, Switzerland
Galerie Utzenstorf, Switzerland
Schweizer Kunstsupermarkt Solothurn, Switzerland
2013 Künstlermärit Langenthal, Switzerland
Milano Nord Burgdorf, Switzerland
Schweizer Kunstsupermarkt Solothurn, Switzerland
Halde Galerie, Widen, Switzerland
2012 Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
2012 Wohnform Herzog, Burgdorf, Switzerland
Art Wiesloch, Germany
Schweizer Kunstsupermarkt Solothurn, Switzerland

Signature: This artwork is signed by the artist on the front.

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