Fredrikson Stallard, ‘Mirror 'Pantheon' Cerulian Blue’, 2011, David Gill Gallery

About Fredrikson Stallard

Patrik Frederikson (Swedish, born 1968) and Ian Stallard (British, born 1973) are known for producing avant-garde design objects, furniture, and interiors in their London-based practice. The studio’s designs, which aim to transcend basic questions of form and function, are both simple and highly conceptual—a glass table, for example, may contain a metal sheet within. While their work is technically rigorous and precise, “you still get the sense,” as the duo puts it, “that the metal is doing what it wants.”

British and Swedish, Founded 1995, based in London, United Kingdom

Solo Shows on Artsy

Fredrikson Stallard 'Fluido', Machado - Muñoz, Madrid
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Group Shows on Artsy

Summer Group Exhibition, David Gill Gallery, London
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