Friedel Dzubas, ‘Day Break’, Executed in 1974., Freeman's

Freeman's is grateful to the Dzubas Estate for their assistance cataloguing this work.

According to the artist's estate, the present work was a sketch made in preparation for a larger painting. The pencil inscriptions around the edges - 175 + B/74 + 72" x 72" - represent the artist's filing system. The '72 x 72' inches, the size of the planned painting, and the '74' indicates the date the sketch was completed.

Signature: Inscribed 'Day Breack' in ink bottom right, and with other various notations

Private Collection, Massachusetts.
Harcus Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts.
Private Collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

About Friedel Dzubas

Color Field painter Friedel Dzubas was a pioneer of the stain painting technique alongside Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, and Kenneth Noland. His earliest works evoked Paul Klee and William Baziotes, but he soon moved towards working exclusively in colorful stain painting, scrubbing thick layers of color into large, unprimed canvases. The staining process created fields of dense color and other areas where the color seemed almost translucent; for Dzubas, these paintings referenced natural phenomena, emotion, the painterly gesture, and the experience of color itself.

German, 1915-1994, Berlin, Germany