Fritz Klimsch, ‘Beschaulichkeit (Contemplation)’, before 1924, Galerie Thomas

Signature: monogram under the left foot, with foundry stamp 'H. NOACK BERLIN'

About Fritz Klimsch

Fritz Klimsch’s sculptures capture the classical, idealized form. Whether cast in bronze or carved in stone, each piece comes alive through the dynamic poses and master craftsmanship. During his ninety-year life, Klimsch witnessed and participated in several pivotal world and art historical events. After studying sculpture at the Royal College for the Academic Fine Arts in Berlin, Klimsch was a founding member of the Berlin Secession, an art association founded in Berlin in 1898 by artists wishing to break their ties with the conservative, state-run Association of Berlin Artists. Shortly before he died in 1960, Klimsch was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit from the German government.

Germany, 1870-1960