Fritzia Irizar, ‘Sin título (Retrato de la burguesía)’, 2104, Arredondo \ Arozarena

About Fritzia Irizar

Fritzia Irizar looks at the emotional, economic, and cultural values assumed by objects, interrogating the systems that propagate, authenticate, and sustain such readings. Based in Culiacán, Mexico, Irizar is particularly interested in geological objects of mythical and economic value. Although currency is a large part of Irizar’s investigations, her work extends beyond explorations of economic systems, examining the relationship between communities and the raw minerals from which currency is produced, and revealing the sociocultural myths surrounding the production of value. Irizar also focuses on the ways in which surface appearances affect perception; she often works with salt crystals and diamonds, two objects that look similar but are worlds apart in market value.

Mexican, b. 1977, Culiacán, Mexico, based in Culiacán, Mexico