Futura, ‘Starstruck’, 2015, Julien's Auctions
Futura, ‘Starstruck’, 2015, Julien's Auctions
Futura, ‘Starstruck’, 2015, Julien's Auctions

A veteran of the street art scene since the early 1970s, Futura is credited as one of the first to venture into more abstract, expressionist, and symbolic forms of graffiti. The Starstruck print depicts a stylized version of the U.S. flag with a row of assault rifles standing in for the colonial stripes, and a once blue field now blackened. The print was originally released to celebrate the anniversary of the NuArt Festival, a gathering of urban artists held in Norway since 2001. —Courtesy of Julien’s Auctions

Originally released at part of the Nuart Festival 15th Anniversary Boxset in September 2015.

Signature: Signed in pencil lower left "Futura".

Image rights: Courtesy of Julien's Auctions

About Futura

American, b. 1955, based in New York, NY, USA

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