Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, ‘Timecapsule Taxidermy (Teeth)’, Muriel Guépin Gallery

About Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

While the work of Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is diverse, many of his projects include interactive elements that add a layer of critical social commentary. In his sculptural work, he utilizes vintage mechanical objects, such as workplace punch clocks and blenders, which carry distinct sociological, class, and gender connotations. Within the objects or on them, he projects small digital videos of performers; when the object is activated (such as by turning on the blender or punching a time card) the videos change in response. In his work, Barcia-Colombo highlights the overlooked and fleeting experiences of everyday people. As he explains: “Video is the next best way to preserve and memorialize someone and to capture a specific moment in time.”

American, b. 1982