Gabriel Kuri, ‘Untitled (Z)’, 2010, Phillips

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About Gabriel Kuri

Calling himself “a selector,” mixed-media artist Gabriel Kuri produces sculptures, installations, collages, and other works that are both inspired by and made out of a vast assortment of found and repurposed materials. For his projects, he has utilized cigarette butts, insulation foam, slabs of marble, stones, and a dumpster, to name only a small sampling of the natural, industrial, and consumer items with which he has worked. “Part of my work has to do with organizing material that can feel very heterogeneous, that came from different worlds and different sources,” he has explained. He is interested in exploring the life, function, and physical properties of the materials he uses, as well as their social, political, and economic resonances. Balance—both formal and physical—is important to Kuri, whose works appear simultaneously humorous, precarious, beautiful, and awkward.

Mexican, b. 1970, Mexico City, Mexico, based in Mexico City; Brussels, Belgium