Gabriel Lester, ‘Struck Luck Struck (The Montana Loan & Investment Co. 1901)’, 2015, RYAN LEE

About Gabriel Lester

Gabriel Lester, who has a background as a composer and narrative filmmaker, says of his installation-based practice: “first and foremost my work always comes down to the idea of composition.” Though he claims not to stick to one aesthetic, Lester’s works commonly frame compositions using architectural space, evoke narratives through dramatic music and lighting, and create optical illusions. Some of his film installations play with the suspension of disbelief on the part of the viewer, while others more directly engage with imagery associated with magic or performed illusions. Lester is also well known for installations in which he cuts out shapes from a series of walls, calling his works a more narrative version of Gordon Matta-Clark’s signature creations.

Dutch, b. 1972, Amsterdam, Netherlands, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands