Gabriel Rico, ‘I (circle)’, 2016, Galería OMR

Gabriel Rico’s work is developed in zone of one object crisscrosses
with another´s in the interobjective configuration space. Rico tries to
create pieces that fragment the composition of contemporary human
and evidencing the geometric imperfection in the nature using the
gedankenexperiments like beginning. Gabriel has always been
fascinated with the philosophical analogies and scientific disciplines,
his work has been influenced by the sciences that study the form and
the space, he considers himself a believer in matter, an ontologist with a
heuristic methodology, sometimes using technology tools and scientific
models as metaphors for collective memory. He uses deconstruction
and re contextualization as methods to continue the development of
his investigation in areas such as knowledge materializations & the
fragility of space. His work tries to refer to a reflection on the nature
of the pieces from the materials used to produce them and their
arrangement in the final composition.

About Gabriel Rico