Gabriele de Santis, ‘My Heart Will Go On’, 2016, Frutta

About Gabriele de Santis

Gabriele de Santis stages confrontations between the lofty history of his native Rome and the rapid pace of contemporary life. He positions signature images of Rome, such as the Coliseum, beside artificial marble columns and mounted on rollerblade wheels. Much of his work is pervaded by skate culture, which he employs to highlight the mobility and speed of contemporary life. This theme also appears in his starkly composed acrylic-on-marble investigations of language. Painting timely grammatical markings that define digital culture, notably the hashtag, he contrasts dueling time frames. “The instantaneous connotations of the hashtag—where everything is instantly portrayed by an image or comment and then loaded online—coupled with marble, which takes thousands of years to form, creates a strange tension and juxtaposition,” de Santis has said.

Italian, b. 1983, Rome, Italy, based in Rome, Italy

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Los Angeles,
Gabriele De Santis: The dance step of a watermelon while meeting a parrot for the first time

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