Gabriele Mierzwa, ‘New Dresses II’, 2014, Artspace Warehouse

Gabriele Mierzwa's main intention is to arrange harmony and beauty. In the center of her artworks is the nude: natural and graceful. At first glance the observer is impressed by the figurative drawing. Tender colors and dynamic lines form the background of the works. The observer's fantasy, emotions and imaginations can freely develop. The concrete forms disappear. They lose their contours. Only transparently arranged color areas are visible.

Signature: Signed on front

About Gabriele Mierzwa

Drawing from both her imagination and close observation of the human figure, Gabriele Mierzwa paints intimate mixed-media nudes—typically women—in sensual postures. Interested in creating harmonious compositions, Mierzwa depicts her subjects in a predominantly pale, neutral palette, with accents of vibrant color, against soft backgrounds composed of hazy colors and lines, so that the figures’ contours appear to dissolve into their settings. In her large-scale painting Awaken (2013), a nude woman with milky white skin lies, horizontally, on her back with her eyes closed in an expression of peacefulness or post-coital pleasure.

German, b. 1958

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