Gabriella Crespi, ‘Wave desk’, 2016, Rita Fancsaly: 20th - 21st Century Design

Brass over wood, inside black laminated

Signature: Gabriella Crespi signature and logo

Manufacturer: Gabriella Crespi

About Gabriella Crespi

“I was inspired only by the universe,” Gabriella Crespi has said. Most known for her famed elliptical brass coffee table, the Italian architect and designer’s multifunctional furniture resembles the finest of sculptures yet has the precision of fine craftsmanship. In an intricate process, Crespi would take her drawings to artisans in and around Milan, who would prototype her designs; many of Crespi’s pieces are unique and often signed or numbered. Her expansive oeuvre comprises furniture, decorative items, mobiles, jewelry, and flatware, all in a wide range of materials—including reflective mirrors, bamboo, Plexiglas, and metals such as brass.

Italian, b. 1922