Gaia Light, ‘Duomo’, 2013, ILEX Gallery

When I was shooting the Milano Buzz series, I spent a month riding public transportation throughout the city. This photograph made me fall in love with Milano - a beautiful unexpected, welcome gift. It caught me unguarded and by surprise, a few seconds had passed from the end of a massive summer storm which flooded the tram I was on. In a fraction of an instant: the rain stopped, the light was perfect, as was the post-apocalyptic, surreal absence of human presence in this landmark location.
My Duomo tells a lot about how serendipity is the best ally when riding a bus with the intention of taking pictures.

Signature: Signed by artist and embossed with ILEX Gallery seal

ILEX Gallery

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Italian, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy, based in New York, NY, United States