Gail Albert Halaban, ‘Out My Window, 59th Street, Rainbow’, 2010, Edwynn Houk Gallery

About Gail Albert Halaban

Gail Albert Halaban is best known for the photographs she shoots from and through windows of New York City apartments. Referencing Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window (1954), Halaban hints at ongoing narratives in her staged, voyeuristic photos of urban women in their private lives, as in her 2008 work Out My Window, West Village, Construction. “Many New Yorkers spend much of their window gazing time looking into their neighbor's apartments. Through this voyeurism, a sense of community develops,” she has said. “In New York, we are never alone.” While at Yale, Halaban studied under Nan Goldin and Gregory Crewdson; she considers her work a marriage of Goldin’s insistence on documenting reality with Crewdson’s desire to stage psychological drama.

American, b. 1970, Washington, D.C.