Garth Weiser, ‘Looks like someone left something on at the restaurant below our aptmt - our aptmt looking like its ok- woken up @ 5 by fire alarms and smoke but interesting moment of grabbing whats important just in case- which is (drumroll) wedding rings, bicycle, Amy's ghi, laptop.’, 2013, Casey Kaplan

About Garth Weiser

Influenced by pop culture and corporate design from the 1980s and '90s, Garth Weiser’s paintings challenge perception with their grids and abstract geometrical composition. Heir to Modernist and Minimalist legacies, Weiser has created his own vocabulary of wheels, stripes, and pixelated blocks of gradated color using techniques that vary from gouache to impasto. The optical nature of his works coupled with his process, notably beginning with three-dimensional models, lend Weiser’s paintings an architectural quality.

American, b. 1979, Helena, Montana, based in New York, New York