Gary Bernstein, ‘Elizabeth Taylor’, 1986, The Archives Store

Gary Bernstein is an American photographer best known for his portrait and editorial images of more than 200 celebrities and Fortune 100 corporate clients from Cartier to American Express. Over a career spanning four decades, he has published 8 books, including the classic "Burning Cold" which depicts Gary's photographs of Lena Harris combined with the prose of Elton John's lyricist, Bernie Taupin.
Gary graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Architecture, has received a Masters of Film from Brooks Institute, a Masters in Contemporary Art from The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., The Photographic Craftsman Degree from The Professional Photographers of America and The Gold Award from The Advertising Festival of New York City. He lives in California with his wife, Lena Harris, and their children.

Pigment ink printed onto Premium Matte Litho 200+years

Series: Gary Bernstein Portraits

Image rights: Gary Bernstein

In early 2014, photographer Gary Bernstein and The Archives, LLC collaborated to create a signed and numbered limited edition print series of images selected for an exclusive exhibition at the Grummans Gallery in Bethpage, New York. The Grummans Editions were the first signed, limited edition print run to feature the photographic works of Bernstein. The Grumman Editions spotlighted 22 of some of Bernstein's most provocative and intimate images. Unfortunately, the Grummans Gallery closed shortly after the Bernstein show opened.

Originally set for a limited edition print run of 15, the sudden closing of the gallery necessitated the need to cancel the Grummans Editions and left only 2 prints of each image created specifically for the exhibition; one set for Bernstein and the other for The Archives. Despite the closing of the Gallery and cancelling of the Bernstein exhibition, The Archives believes these stunning and unique works of a true American Original deserved to be shared with the public and are offering for sale these exclusive and rare prints.

Gary Bernstein was commissioned to photograph elegant Elizabeth Taylor by Elizabeth Arden to produce the launch and press kit images for Elizabeth's first perfume, Passion. Before the end of the session, Elizabeth approached Gary telling him that it was soon to be George Hamilton's birthday (whom Elizabeth was dating at the time). She asked Gary if he had any ideas for a gift photograph. Gary suggested that Elizabeth wrapped in a white fur could be a very memorable gift. Elizabeth loved the idea!

The image was made with a single light directly above the camera, a Hasselblad el/m affixed with a 150mm f/4.0 Zeiss Sonnar lens using Kodak Tri-X 6x6 black and white negative film. Gary hand processed the film back and printed the image through a surface contact etching screen. Then he selectively hand-colored the 11 x 14 Agfa print with Marshall Oil Colors. After which, he copied the print on 35mm Kodak Kodachrome 25 color positive film which was scanned to create this Limited Edition print.
It was an unusually hot and humid day when the air conditioning in Gary's studio died only 2 hours before the session was scheduled to start. Gary quickly located a rental studio on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood, and contacted the entire entourage (required for sessions of this nature) with the location change. The primary client for the day was Columbia Pictures, who had hired Gary to produce the advertising campaign and photography for the made-for-TV Movie "There Must Be a Pony" starring Elizabeth and her long-time dear friend, Robert Wagner.

This particular image, however, is an outtake from a part of the day's shoot that was dedicated to producing a cover shot for Elizabeth's book, "Elizabeth Takes Off" (Putnam, 1987). Lit with a single pan light against a seamless paper background, Gary used a Nikon F3 with a 105mm f/2.5 Auto-Nikkor lens to capture the image on 35mm Kodak Kodachrome 25 color positive film. The image was converted to sepia by The Archives for this Limited Edition.

New York, New York

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