Gary Goldberg, ‘Finding the Universe in Oaxaca, blue triangle on purple ground’, 2016, Erin Cluley Gallery

This body of work began as photographs made in Oaxaca, Mexico, and are part of a larger photographic series entitled, “Finding the Universe in Oaxaca”. The actual physical subject matter of these images came directly from the richly layered walls and facades found in Oaxaca City. These photographic images have been transformed into textiles using a felting process at Taller Afelpado, San Agustín Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico. These works are imbued with references to landscape and Mexican mythologies.

These textiles explore many threads and one central concept; is landscape a construct? In this work Goldberg makes references to the landscape by imposing a false horizon line and creating a pictorial space that refers to a land sky relationship. These works seek to explore the idea of abstracted landscapes by bifurcating a composition and utilizing dark and light values.
It is the Goldberg's hope that you have found the universe in Oaxaca by what he has seen and created.

This tapestry piece features textile with wool felting.

Image rights: Gary Goldberg Erin Cluley Gallery

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