Gary Hill, ‘Deflection drawing 3’, 2015, World House Editions

The present work is from a set of four and is the first in an ongoing series of digital photographs by the pioneering video and conceptual media artist Gary Hill, which were taken from a specialized CRT tube (cathode ray tube) that displays the output of an analog raster manipulation device or scan processor (Rutt Etra Video Synthesizer). Particularly when combined with numerous additional waveform sources, the “paper” or "visual support" as such gives way to an extraordinary field of possibilities that occur in real time—a space in which one is in the moment that is being drawn. Rutt/Etra refers to the video synthesizer machine created by Steve Rutt and Bill Etra in 1971 and which is an analog raster manipulation device for image processing and real-time animation; it was essentially one of the first voltage-controlled video special effects systems.

Series: One from a set of four

Signature: Signed, dated and numbered on the publisher's label, verso

Image rights: Image copyright Gary Hill, Seattle

Mendelsohn, Meredith. "From Under $1,000 to Over $1 Million, the 16 Best Buys at IFPDA", on-line article from Artsy Editorial, 11/6/15

About Gary Hill

American, b. 1951, Santa Monica, California, based in Seattle, Washington

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