Gary Hume, ‘9 WINDOW PAINTINGS FROM 1000 WINDOWS´ PAINTINGS’, 2013, Robert Fontaine Gallery

Individually hand painted on paper with artist painted frame
Each work unique

Signature: Signed on reverse by artist

Tate Modern, London England

About Gary Hume

Young British Artist Gary Hume came to prominence in the early 1990s with his “Door” paintings, a series of life-sized paintings of hospital doors. These minimal, abstract compositions eventually evolved into more fluid, lyrical imagery, often employing found images of celebrities (including Michael Jackson) and animals. In his 2009 paintings of American cheerleaders, entitled “American Tan,” Hume explored dualities of desire and repulsion, sexuality and innocence. Exuberantly embracing kitsch, Hume straddles the line between representation and abstraction, painting with high-gloss paints on aluminum panels to create vibrant color contrasts and a flat, Pop-inflected aesthetic.

English, b. 1962, Tenterden, United Kingdom