Gary-Ross Pastrana, ‘Homecoming (Yellow)’, 2014, Silverlens

About Gary-Ross Pastrana

Gary-Ross Pastrana explores objecthood and sentimental associations by breaking down and reconstructing objects. To create Two Rings (2008), for example, Pastrana forged a miniature sword from two of his mother’s rings, which he then used to cut his arm in order to draw blood. The sword was melted down and shaped back into rings, with the metal now infused with his blood. Pastrana photographed the original rings, blood-drawing, and reshaped rings to document his processes and explore the personal value and emotional attachments associated with jewelry. “It is important for me that objects or materials undergo a certain process that can alter them physically,” Pastrana has said, forming new wholes and new identities by destroying the physical integrity of objects.

Filipino, b. 1977

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