Gary Sczerbaniewicz, ‘Ingo Swann’, 2016, Resource Art

This wall-hung sculpture depicts a scale model replica of brick building façade. The masonry wall contains six round arch windows - which have been completely ‘blocked in’, and are no longer functional as originally intended. This and other sculpture by Sczerbaniewicz deal with the notion of a once functional and optimistic past - which is no longer workable as originally designed. As a result only pain and frustration result in contemplating these scenes of a golden age that has been eradicated and covered.
The work is named after Ingo Swann who is considered to be the ‘father’ of the CIA’s Remote Viewing program-which sought to use psychic abilities (clairvoyance) as a means of conducting espionage on both known & unknown enemies. Swann was also an artist. As an homage ‘embedded’ in each obscured window are mini portraits of Swann.

About Gary Sczerbaniewicz

American, b. 1967, New Hartford, NY, United States, based in Buffalo, NY, United States

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