Gary Taxali, ‘The Anoinment’, 2015, Coleccion SOLO

About Gary Taxali

Gary Taxali is considered one of the preeminent contemporary illustrators, having worked with popular media outlets and publications including Rolling Stone, GQ, Newsweek, The New York Times, and MTV; in 2012, the Canadian government minted quarters with six of Taxali’s designs. Taxali also makes mixed-media paper works and paintings using repurposed materials in a style inspired by a combination of vintage comics and advertising—an aesthetic he calls “wacky.” He also employs humor and easily relatable imagery to create narratives on more solemn themes, or what he describes as his “preoccupation of constant paradoxes such as human relationships, love, isolation […] economic despair and frustration.” Taxali often features recurring characters in his illustrations, including a toy monkey whom he considers a guide through much of his work.

Indian-Canadian, b. 1968, Chandigarh, India, based in Toronto, Canada