Gedi Sibony, 2016, Greene Naftali Gallery

About Gedi Sibony

Gedi Sibony’s work falls within the legacies of painting, assemblage, and sculpture. His wall pieces are never strictly two-dimensional, frequently leaning against walls or hanging precariously. Sibony’s practice is inspired by Robert Rauschenberg’s Combines and Richard Tuttle’s sculptures; he accumulates everyday, cheap, and discarded objects, and materials that include packing materials, plastic sheeting, carpeting, wood, and cardboard boxes. His works are minimal and meticulous arrangements with a sensitivity for material texture and geometry—one gallery describes Sibony’s work as “simultaneously awesome and embarrassed.” For all the sobriety of his work, the artist has a sense of humor, evidenced in his choice of titles including his 2008 sculpture Its Origins Justify its Oranges.

American, b. 1973, based in New York, New York