Gemuce Hilario, ‘Ideological’, Museum of African Design (MOAD)

Artist's Statement
As an artist that I am, I use art in a generic way, as language to question life, interpreting the reality in surrounding me and in which I am also a player. The physical, the intellectual, the spiritual, the social, the special elements, the sky, etc are elements that are part of that reality. Even though I use this language essentially to communicate with other Men, I do not wear out the possibility of it being use to serve other human beings. I include art in one of the main elements of life, like: the water, the fire, the air and love. Art can be pure or vitiated as it happens with any of these elements. Therefore, I think that a society that does not treat its art ‘well’ it is a society that runs the risk of vitiating its dignity. I consider art as a way of showing either the dignity or nobility of existence of live beings. In its political program I consider Men as living and making art living with them an act of taking part in a universal debate on questioning life, whose general forum usually happens in the big international events.

Image rights: Photographer: Louis Grobler Artwork copyright holder: Gemuce Hilario

About Gemuce Hilario

Mozambican, b. 1963, Quelimane, Mozambique, based in Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique