Gemuce Hilario, ‘Organic’, Museum of African Design (MOAD)

Artist's Statement
As an artist that I am, I use art in a generic way, as language to question life, interpreting the reality in surrounding me and in which I am also a player. The physical, the intellectual, the spiritual, the social, the special elements, the sky, etc are elements that are part of that reality. Even though I use this language essentially to communicate with other Men, I do not wear out the possibility of it being use to serve other human beings. I include art in one of the main elements of life, like: the water, the fire, the air and love. Art can be pure or vitiated as it happens with any of these elements. Therefore, I think that a society that does not treat its art ‘well’ it is a society that runs the risk of vitiating its dignity. I consider art as a way of showing either the dignity or nobility of existence of live beings. In its political program I consider Men as living and making art living with them an act of taking part in a universal debate on questioning life, whose general forum usually happens in the big international events.

Image rights: Photographer: Louis Grobler Artwork copyright holder: Gemuce Hilario

Gemuce (Pompilio Hilario) was born on the 17th of August of 1963 in Quelimane,
Mozambique. After completing standard nine, Gemuce relocated to Maputo to study a
course in ceramics at School of Visual Arts from 1983 to 1985. In 1985 he became the
monitor for the circle of Infants Interest in Visual Art's and organized a children program
for television. In 1990 he graduated in Fine Arts at Kiev, (Ukraine) Institute of Fine Art.
Three years later he completed a Masters degree in Mural painting at Kiev Academy of
Fine Arts. In 1993, on return to his country, Mozambique, Gemuce opened in 1994 the
art gallery UGUPU with his friend and art peer, the late Bento Mukesswane. In 2001.
Gemuce graduated with his Master's degree of Cultural Management from the
University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, France.
• Since 1994, Gemuce is a Senior lecturer at Escola de Artes Visuais (school of visual
Arts). He is teaching Artistic Anatomy, Visual communication, Analytical Drawing, and
Visual Education, at present lecturing the course of Visual Arts at ENAV. He is the cofounder,
member and President of Muvart– movimento de arte contemporanea,
concerned with contemporary art. He worked as a consultant in several sectors of Art
with different institutions as Ministry of Education of Mozambique, National Art Museum
of Mozambique, Triangle Art Trust-UK, Cape Africa Biennial-South Africa.
• He has participate in several art residences and workshops and held more than ten
solo exhibitions, and showed his work in Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia,
Germany, Finland, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Senegal, Norway and Scotland.

About Gemuce Hilario

Mozambican, b. 1963, Quelimane, Mozambique, based in Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique