Gene Davis, ‘Alice Tully Hall Sampler’, 1971, ArtWise

Large silk-screen created by Davis to announce the 1971 Alice Tully Hall Sampler. The poster is not signed and not numbered, but is one of only 35 posters printed. The poster is fully referenced in the Lincoln Center Posters book, pages 18-19. According to the same reference, 198 signed and numbered prints were published in addition to the 35 posters.

About Gene Davis

Gene Davis is famous for painting lively compositions of thin, vibrantly colored stripes. Along with Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland, Davis was at the center of the Washington, D.C. contingent of Color Field painters known as the Washington Color School. Fascinated by color relationships, Davis delighted in alternating thin bright vertical stripes to create syncopated patterns reminiscent of jazz and bebop. In an Upstate New York parking lot in 1972, he painted Niagara, which, at 43,680 square feet, was the largest painting ever made at the time.

American, 1920-1985, Washington, D.C.