General Idea, ‘AIDS’, 1988, Caviar20

General Idea's appropriation of Robert Indiana's "LOVE" is the most iconic, daring and potent work from their oeuvre.

While this hijacked image appeared in a variety of guises, including paintings, prints and public art, the print is the ultimate centrepiece for a private collection.

General Idea formed in 1967 and over the next four decades made a significant contribution in defining postmodern and conceptual art.

Initially, GI critiqued and explored themes including the cult of the artist, media, glamour and consumerism. At the onset of the AIDS crisis in the early 1980's - the illness and the apathy/ignorance toward it became a dominant motif culminating in this work (and its multitude of incarnations)

Two of the members, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal died of AIDS in 1994.

General Idea's surviving member, AA Bronson, continues to practice as an independent artist and oversees the representation and exhibition of General Idea’s work internationally.

Signature: Signed, numbered and dated 88 by the artists

Publisher: Koury Wingate Gallery, New York

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