Geneva Costa, ‘Schism’, 2017, Lois Lambert Gallery

Image rights: Geneva Costa

Geneva Costa is primarily known for her photorealistic oil paintings, but also explores a variety of media in her studio practice. This particular body of work is about interaction on more than one level: how the background interacts with the foreground, how one observer looks at a painting of a nude in contrast to another viewer, the combination of multiple figures on the canvas, and the interaction of shape, line, and movement between each piece in this series. "I enjoy the challenge of portraying figurative work in a way that makes the background just as important as the foreground, and at times, seem as if they share the same plane," says Costa. These paintings show a departure from other figurative pieces the artist is known for creating, moving from a more realistic rendering of the figure towards abstraction of the entire piece. The artist is currently working on a body of work for her upcoming solo show at Lois Lambert Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

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