Genevieve Gaignard, ‘Selfie Stick’, 2017, Shulamit Nazarian

About Genevieve Gaignard

Teased wigs, leopard sweaters, and vintage cat paraphernalia populate the photographs of Genevieve Gaignard, who transforms herself into a wide-array of characters in her self-portraits. Gaignard melds the staged photography of Cindy Sherman with today’s social media culture, photographing herself as various archetypes of women—such as the cat lady or the pin-up girl—and then debuting these photographs on Instagram. For her show “Us Only” (2016), Gaignard designed domestic interiors for each of her characters, exhibiting her photographs, collages, and video works within the cluttered living rooms and bathrooms of her alter-egos. Gaignard describes these characters as autobiographical—a performance through which she can pose questions about gender and her biracial identity.

based in Los Angeles, CA, United States

Solo Shows

Genevieve Gaignard - Hidden Fences