Geo Ham, ‘Monaco Grand Prix 1935’, 1935, Omnibus Gallery

This is an original poster, we do not sell reproductions in our gallery.

Despite having a long and highly specialized career in poster design portraying aviation and automobile events, little to nothing is known about Geo Ham. His posters are a combination of late nineteenth century exoticism, the streamlined effects of Italian Futurism, and contemporary French commercial art.

In this poster for the 1935 Monaco Grand Prix, Ham portrays the background of Monte Carlo in a loose, lightly defined way but distorts the scale of the racing car so that it dominates the scene. Ham puts us right in the action, against the glittering background of sun-drenched Monte Carlo. Ingeniously, he creates the illusion of the car's speed by raising the front wheels off the ground. With Italian driver Luigi Fazioli at the wheel, the 3.99-liter Mercedes W25 model led from start to finish, never seriously challenged by the three Alfa Romeos and the Maserati that took the next four spots.

Condition: A

Signature: Signed by the artist in stone.

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