Geoffrey Farmer, ‘Universal Sculpture Series, 2’, 2013, Casey Kaplan

About Geoffrey Farmer

Working in various combinations of sculpture, photography, and installation, Geoffrey Farmer explores themes of transformation and change in process-oriented works that alter over the course of their exhibitions. For example, in his 2005 work A Pale Fire, items in the collection were burned throughout the run of the exhibition with prints made from the resulting ash. Farmer’s particular use of photomontage has resulted in a signature style that renders the two-dimensional medium into a three-dimensional sculpture employing such materials as coat hangers. Using cut-out images from a Reader’s Digest edition from the 1970s entitled The Last Two Million Years—presenting a description of the evolution of the earth leading up to the appearance of ‘Homo sapiens’—Farmer created an ambitious and complex installation of the same name, constructing miniature mixed-media figurines arranged in a tableaux displayed on plinths of varying heights.

Canadian, b. 1967, Eagle Island, Canada, based in Vancouver, British Columbia