Georg Kuettinger, ‘Niagara, Canada’, 2015, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery

German based photography artist, Kuettinger’s debut. Landscape has always offered artists immense potential onto which they could project ideas because Nature offers endless creative freedom. Moving away from pure documentation of land and water scenes, Kuettinger’s images are rather a multitude of different photographs the artist has taken to remix and reform into his own renditions of the mood and feel of the locations he has experienced. Images from the hillsides of Turkey and Greece, mountain ranges in Switzerland, the hypnotic flats of Spain and The Netherlands, and Kuettinger’s newest images in North America of the majestic Niagara Falls, Canada and the impressionistic vistas of New Mexico, USA.

The term landscape is a cultural influenced construct - a term that has evolved in our modern times as a result of human interaction - ski tracks on a bare mountain or divided fields used for cultivation.. Kuettinger plays with what the observer understands as identifiable images and expected experiences of certain areas of the world. Through the voyage of one’s eye in Kuettinger’s rhythmic compositions and clever color combinations, one feels that the depictions are either real or some distant memory.

Signature: Signed Label on Reverse