George Lilanga, ‘Matjiya leoni mengi sana mtachota mpa ka’, 1999, Amref Health Africa: Benefit Auction 2018

George Lilanga (1934-2005, Tanzania) comes from the Mozambique-Tanzania border, center of Makonde culture, noted for its mapico initiation dances and rich sculptural traditions. Lilanga trained as a sculptor in 1961, settled in Dar-es-Salaam; by 1973, became associated with the Nyumba ya Sanaa, a gallery and cultural center established by local artists. In 1980, he encountered works of the Tingatinga School (established by followers of Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga) and the exuberantly patterned and playfully abstracted paintings had a profound effect. Lilanga’s art—animated by a keen sense of social critique and caricature—illustrates the continuity of artistic vision among the Makonde and its renewal. His work was exhibited in international expositions of African contemporaries including Africa Remix in Düsseldorf, Paris, London and Tokyo. His work is in the Pigozzi collection.

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Image rights: Courtesy of: Dr. Massimiliano del Ninno, Kyo Noir Gallery

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Dr. Massimiliano del Ninno