George Woodman, ‘Sharela in Metropolitan Museum with Painting by Guido Reni’, 2013, Nina Johnson

About George Woodman

George Woodman began his career as an abstract painter, exploring color and structure in his work, then moved to photography in the early 1980s, a medium with which he has been experimenting ever since. A central member of the art community in Colorado, Woodman was part of the Criss-Cross Art Communications group (formed in the early 1970s) and among the founding members of the SPARK Gallery (founded in 1978). Woodman’s is a family of artists, whose most famous member is his daughter, the late photographer Francesca Woodman. His black-and-white photographs of nude young women, often embellished with paint, remind viewers of Francesca’s work while reflecting his own vision. As he explains: “My familiarity with her work and its importance has made me want to produce something that can’t be confused with hers. I try to have a space which is my own.”

American, b. 1932, Concord, New Hampshire