Georges Braque, ‘Persephata’, 1988, Art Lithographies
Georges Braque, ‘Persephata’, 1988, Art Lithographies

Color lithograph, plate-signed by Georges Braque from the edition of 398 published by Armand & Georges Israel in 1988, and of whom we are the exclusive successors.

Artwork entirely made in France: from the production of the Vélin d’Arches paper in Arches in the Vosges department, to the traditional lithographic printing process, one drawing for each different color, one color per press run.

From the set of 12 color lithographs portfolio "Les Métamorphoses de Braque", for sale here on Artsy.

Shipped with a certificate of authenticity signed by our company, the successors of the exclusive publishers of this series of 12 lithographs "Les Métamorphoses de Braque".

Signature: Plate-signed

Image rights: Art-Lithographies

Publisher: Armand & Georges Israel, Paris

Armand & Georges Israel, Paris

About Georges Braque

French painter, collagist and sculptor Georges Braque is, along with Pablo Picasso, renowned as the co-founder of Cubism, which revolutionized 20th-century painting. In his work, objects are fragmented and reconstructed into geometric forms, fracturing the picture plane in order to explore a variety of viewpoints. “The hard-and-fast rules of perspective … were a ghastly mistake which…has taken four centuries to redress,” he said in 1957. Merging aspects of the sculptural with the pictorial, Braque was also an innovator in the use of collage, inventing a technique known as papier collé, which he first explored in one early work Fruit Dish and Glass (1912) by attaching pieces of wallpaper to a charcoal drawing. This approach deeply influenced not only his contemporaries but generations of artists from Modernism to the present.

French, 1882-1963, Argenteuil-sur-Seine, France, based in Paris, France