Georges de Feure, ‘Lithographies Originales’, 1896, Rennert’s Gallery

This lithograph, a "close-up of a highly fashionable woman closely inspecting a print," "was not a poster, but was designed as the cover for two albums of original prints published by E. Duchatel. . . " (Iskin, p. 100). Iskin notes the ambiguity of this figure, part of the iconography of the female connoisseur of poster art, at the salon, or on the street: "[De Feure] presents the female print collector as a woman of exquisite taste, herself a decorative creation, yet also associated with artistic creation" – note the lithographic stone bearing the artist's signature at lower right. Alain Weill calls this "the most elegant and intimate of all de Feure's posters" (Weill/Art Nouveau, p. 119).

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