Georgie Hopton, ‘Two Tulips with Blue Square’, 2013, Bridgeman Editions

Turkish Tulips Portfolio
We are proud to introduce Turkish Tulips. This limited edition of 25 portfolio is the third in a series of The House of Fairy Tales art portfolios.
100% of profits to The House of Fairy Tales.

Turkish Tulips portfolio is The House of Fairy Tales third fine art portfolio co-curated with Gavin Turk. Bringing new perspectives to the symbolism behind this iconic flower, 19 artists helped create a unique portfolio of blooms in a variety of processes, from screen prints, lithographs to etchings and hand-finished digital pints.

The flower is the perfect vehicle for sublimating the gamut of human emotions and for the Portfolio she has contributed one of her many tulip 'portraits' - this photograph was taken in '2013'. The explosive quality of the flowers caught here is harnessed by a blue square - a nod to constructivism and a compositional gambit by the artist to let you know that the depiction of beauty is not the only thing concerning her.

Series: Turkish Tulips

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