Georgina Maxim, ‘Heal’, 2016-2017, Sulger-Buel Lovell

Georgina Maxim lives and works in Zimbabwe and her work is deeply rooted in visual art and craft traditions from that country and Africa more broadly. Combining weaving, stitch work and the utilisation of found textiles, she produces meditative and stunningly beautiful objects imbued with life and love. In some ways each work is a tribute to and reflection upon the person from whom the original garment that serves as the basis for the work emanates. Through laborious, time-consuming and skilled sewing these garments are charged with the artist's own energies, thoughts and meditations to become objects of meaning and embodied knowledge.

Image rights: Sulger-Buel Lovell and the Artist

About Georgina Maxim

Zimbabwean, b. 1980, Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe

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