Geraldine Javier, ‘Everyone Leaves a Mark ’, 2017, Arario Gallery

Inspired from an illustration books about European plants from 15th century, Geraldine drew fully 3 layers of plants and every plan is completed with roots so as to have a connection with the ground. Flowers are painted and formed one over another. The outline of a figure is discernible like a shadow, which is hard to find in the weave of recognizable plant forms and washes of color that swelled out from the center of the canvas like an organic form. It is actually Geraldine holding her dog in the arms that is unable to stand on its feet. The meaning of the flowers here is as simple as that about wishes and hopes.

About Geraldine Javier

Nature and natural history are the recurring subjects in Geraldine Javier’s multi-media paintings and installations. During a 2011 exhibition “Museum of Many Things,” Javier explained that her works are “about display, about filling the space with dead specimens and dressing them up to make them seem alive, but it is also a personal process, simultaneously emptying out and remembering.” Her works are often constructed in layers and make use of dioramic vitrines in addition to painting. In 2010, she produced a multi-part work of fantastic proportion dedicated to Frida Kahlo, titled Ella Amo’Apasionadamente Y Fue Correspondida ( “For she loved fiercely, and she is well-loved”), comprised of a large canvas painting overhung with framed mounted butterflies.

Filipina, b. 1970, Philippines