Gerard Kuijpers, ‘Zig-Zag armchair’, ca. 1980, Galerie Yves Gastou
Gerard Kuijpers, ‘Zig-Zag armchair’, ca. 1980, Galerie Yves Gastou

About Gerard Kuijpers

With his artistic approach to furniture, Gerard Kuijpers’s designs are composed of interesting juxtapositions and curiously exciting textures, forms, and materials. Among his best-known work is the “Dancing Stones” series, which features large, rough chunks of black Mazy marble set atop steel poles. Kuijpers writes, “‘Dancing Stones’ is the result of extensive coaxing. The materials—steel and stone—reach their ultimate essence. The steel is strong as never before, the stone oozes heaviness.” The marble rocks can rotate on the support rods, enhancing their potent dynamism, and the purpose of the series is indefinite and open to interpretation. Kuijpers’s other works—including vases, chairs, and lamps—explore texture and industrial design as outgrowths of our experience of the natural world. He often uses raw, rough surfaces as counterpoints to smooth, machine-made glass, metal, wood, and flowers.

Belgian, b. 1961, Mechelen, Belgium

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Gerard Kuijpers: Dancing Stones, Galerie Yves Gastou, Paris