Gérard Rancinan, ‘The Feast of the Barbarians’, 2013, Opera Gallery

This photograph was taken at the Studio Mandarine in Genevilliers on March 14, 2013. After the photograph, “Decadence”, “The Feast of the Barbarians” concludes the “Trilogy of the Moderns.” This is the culminating point of a unique exploration of the upheavals affecting contemporary society, of the metamorphoses of humanity, of what could be called our human experience.

About Gérard Rancinan

Gérard Rancinan, who initially became widely known for his portrait photography, produces large-scale photographic tableaux commenting on social issues, politics, violence, and popular culture. Rancinan’s career a photojournalist in his teenage years, covering wars, riots, and natural disasters, directly shaped the critical tone of his later work. Rancinan’s works are often based on classical narratives and iconic artworks, but feature contemporary pop culture figures and objects in dramatic situations. Since 2005, Rancinan has worked on his epic series “Trilogy of the Moderns” with author Caroline Gaudriault, comprised of over 70 photographs. Subjects include remakes of Théodore Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa (1818-9) and Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas (1665), as well as Mickey Mouse- and Batman-themed satires.

French, b. 1953, Talence, France

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