Gerhard Völkle, ‘Friends on the Road 1 (framed)’, 2013, Artspace Warehouse
Gerhard Völkle, ‘Friends on the Road 1 (framed)’, 2013, Artspace Warehouse

Gerhard Völkle was born 1953 in Lörrach, Germany and studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule Basel, Switzerland. His connection to the Spanish island Lanzarote and fascination with the ubiquitous volcanic rocks has long been reflected in his artworks.

In addition to abstract painting, his main interest is increasingly sculptural groups and representations of people in paintings and metal sculptures with highly detailed gestures. Using silhouette-like outlines and oxidizing colors, Völkle depicts people in expressive postures and gestures.

In order to capture the same color and structure as his metalworks on canvas, he is using the same medium, the rust. A special technique to create metal oxidation allows Völkle to work with real rust which creates amazing visual effects. The final outcome of the artwork is decided by his hand. The process of oxidation takes over and transforms the canvas into a breathing body. As clear and defined the minimalist forms are, alive become their surfaces.

This artwork is framed in a steel frame. Size and price include frame. A certificate of authenticity is included.

2013 Haus Salmegg, Rheinfelden, Germany
2012 Kulturforum Sprützehüsli, Oberwil , Switzerland
Villa Bosch, Radolfzell, Germany
2011 Deutsches Sport und Olympiamuseum, Köln, Germany
2010 ART Galerie, Chur, Switzerland
Skulpturenpark, Mörfelden-Walldorf
Kunst in Reinach, Reinach, Switzerland
Galerie Aphold, Allschwil/Basel, Switzerland
2009 Stadt Lörrach Kulturprojekt Skulpturen, Lörrach
Rheinblicke-Einblicke, Schloßpark Köln-Stammheim
Badisches Kunstforum, Ebringen, Germany
Museum Römervilla, Grenzach-Wyhlen
regionale10, Kunstraum Klingental, Basel, Switzerland
Galerie Aphold, Allschwil/Basel, Switzerland
2008 regionale9, Kunsthalle, Basel, Switzerland
2007 Freilichtgalerie ART-Dorf, Ötlingen, Germany
Zehnthaus, Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany
2005 Galerie+Kunstraum KIESWERK, Weil am Rhein , Germany
ART MONDIAL, Breisach, Germany
2004 LOEBA Treuhand Jahresausstellung, Lörrach
2003 Deutsch/Franz. Ausstellung, Riegel
ART INTERNATIONAL, Breisach, Germany
2002 ART 2002, Colmar, France
ART INTERNATIONAL, Breisach (Preisträger)
Kunst in Reinach, Reinach, Switzerland
2001 Salon des Lauréats, Horbourg-Wihr, France
Salon des 40, F-Saint Louis, France

Galerie Eberwein, Freiburg i. Brsg., Germany
Galerie Wesner, Konstanz, Germany
Galerie Wehr, Köln-Pulheim, Germany
Galerie DYMA, Rottweil, Germany
Galerie Courant d´ART, F-Mulhouse, France
Galerie Nottbohm, Göttingen , Germany
Galerie Nottbohm, Keitum/Sylt, Germany
Kunstwarenhaus, Zurich, Switzerland
Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, USA

Signature: Signed on front

About Gerhard Völkle

Gerhard Völkle’s works are visual experiments based on images he has collected over the years. Inspired by the volcanic rocks he found of the Spanish island of Lanzarote, Völkle has created a unique technique of painting with rust. In works made with this process, his deliberate marks mix with the uncontrollable natural oxidation, which transforms the surface into an organic, evolving entity. He often creates silhouettes of figures in dynamic poses, wearing a mix of modern and traditional clothing. Völkle also creates large-scale metalworks of cutout figures and minimalist cubes—their rusting surfaces symbolizing nature, decay, and the passing of time.

German, b. 1953

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