Gerry Bergstein, ‘Archaeology’, 2016, Gallery NAGA

About Gerry Bergstein

Gerry Bergstein makes mixed-media painting and photography hybrids using images and figures culled from disparate moments in history and art history. In his own words, “This work samples art history and hypothesizes ‘chance meetings’ of images which have everything and nothing in common,” generating “blind dates between images and ideologies.” His compositions are built in layers, rife with figures, heaps of recognizable but chaotic objects, and older layers of paint. Among his better-known series are a number of works dedicated to the Tower of Babel and fantastical architecture (2001-2006), and a humorous and fantastical body of self-portraits (2000-2002). Bergstein is commonly associated with the Boston Expressionist movement.

American, b. 1947

Solo Shows

Stux Gallery, 
New York,
Gerry Bergstein, (Un)timely Entanglements