Ghazel, ‘"Level Zero 4"’, 2012, Carbon 12

About Ghazel

Having studied in France and engaged in a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, Ghazel’s early works reflected her unstable reality in formats that ranged from happenings and ephemeral installations to pamphlets. From 1997, the performance, video, and installation artist began working on a series of filmed self-portraits, “Me” (1997–2000), in which she engaged in various different activities, including sunbathing and boxing, while dressed in the traditional Iranian chador, offering critical dialogue and a absurdist perspective of the social norms and pressures prevalent in Iran. Ghazel’s performance and film project HOME (Stories) (2008) was the culmination of a workshop with asylum seekers and illegal migrants in Venice, in which participants used various mediums to represent their ideas of what constitutes home. “My work talks about the outsider I am in the West and the outsider I am in Iran,” she has said.

Iranian, b. 1966, Tehran, Iran, based in Paris, France