Ghost of a Dream, ‘One is the same (Yes) + (No)’, 2013, La Napoule Art Foundation

Image rights: Image provided by La Napoule Art Foundation

About Ghost of a Dream

Ghost of a Dream is the moniker of the ongoing collaboration between Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was, who respectively have backgrounds in painting and sculpture. The pair make sculptures and installations about common fantasies and desires—fame, wealth, true love, and salvation—from detritus and images from pop culture. Their common raw materials include dismembered trophy parts, romance novels, clips from Hollywood films, playing cards from casinos, and used lottery tickets. “Our sculpture and installations embody the essence of opulence while being constructed of materials that typically end up in the trash,” the pair write. “We mine popular culture searching for discarded materials that people use trying to reach their goals.”


Solo Shows

Los Angeles,
Zadok Gallery, 
Ghost of a Dream: Collapse of Promise

Group Shows

New York,
The City & The City