Giacinto Occhionero, ‘Orange Drops’, 2016, ICI Annual Benefit & Auction 2016

Giacinto Occhionero’s paintings are windows into a hazy, sensual world. With a deft hand, he combines acrylic spray paint and chemical solvents to create an undulating plane of colors. Typically, his paintings are executed directly on Plexiglas, giving additional depth and luminosity to the work. Orange Dots (2016) conveys orange, purple, and blue flowers in a kaleidoscopic image where layers and perspectives seem to swap places depending on where you stand.

Giacinto Occhionero lives and works in Rome. His work has been shown internationally at 68 Projects, Berlin; the Museo di Arte Contemporara di Isernia (M.A.C.I.), Isneria, Italy; and the Mau Mau Art Residency, Istanbul. Occhionero is represented by Kristen Lorello, New York, where he will have an upcoming solo exhibition opening in October 2016.


Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Kristen Lorello, NY

Kristen Lorello Gallery, NY

About Giacinto Occhionero

Rome-based artist Giacinto Occhionero challenges conventional landscape painting through his unique approach to applying pigment to canvas. In his dot series, he scatters colorful circles around his compositions, which appear both naturalistic and abstract. Unlike Damien Hirst’s spot art or Georges Seurat’s Pointillism, these dots do not stand isolated from each other. Oftentimes the dots rest on top of one another or diffuse around the edges, like a gas. The painter creates this effect by shooting pigment onto canvases with spray cans, sometimes even melting the applied paint afterwards. Occhionero also paints on transparent plastic sheets, which he then flips over for viewing. The plastic sheet flattens the picture plan, eliminating textural variance from the work’s surface, and enhancing their ethereal nature.