Gianfranco Pezzot, ‘Pool Side, Cesenatico’, 2007, India Dickinson

'This work is about cities and places in holiday resorts when the season is over. There is a metaphysical sense of emptiness in the closed rolling shutters, empty swimming pools and dwellings, like ghost cities they give us the feeling of fake crowded places built for holidays but then quickly abandoned. Buildings become art works themselves because of the loss of objective “truth” they were built for, free to stand there purposeless and regardless of the new aim of just being.
There is the actual change of visions of places and buildings where the total absence of people, which usually live in them and to which vision we are all accustomed to, makes them waste their original identity, standing there meaningless.
Neutral sites with modernist lines are suitable for the transit of people and not for the long stay, suitable to everybody because lodgers do not need to take root or settle down.' - Gianfranco Pezzot

Series: 'Resorts'

About Gianfranco Pezzot

Italian, b. 1969, Italy, based in Italy