Gideon Kiefer, ‘Dans Ma Tête Je Suis Un Sculpteur’, 2017, Geukens & De Vil

About Gideon Kiefer

Gideon Kiefer’s drawings are adaptations of appropriated images from daily life and literature chosen for their ability to convey the absurdity of existence. A recent series depicts doctors, scientists, businessmen, and other “powerful” people, but despite the grids and right angles that suggest order, a sense of powerlessness pervades. For instance, in The Trummerfeld Check Up (2012) a scientist sporting a white lab coat over his suit examines a large, rectangular slab with a stethoscope while two others look on. Executed in a realist style on a book cover, the bizarre scene recalls the anxiety-ridden moment of waiting for medical test results. Currently, Kiefer is working on a project inspired by Google street view that reflects the feeling of 360-degree vision. He conjures the images by imagining a person inside a sphere looking at the surrounding landscape.

Belgian, b. 1970